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could do with a makeover

good work but could have been much better.
the volume on the voices is far too low against the loud sounds and bgm.
in a couple of spots, there was character movement left out or looked over, such as when she stands in the doorway. at least make her breathe, or look startled...
not bashing, btw, just commenting.
keep it up!

nice 3d..

good job on the 3d motion.
aside from that, terribly unoriginal and boring.
still, nice 3d ^^

Nice ^^

The movie was awesome... you're obviously a great artist and animator...
But... minor thing...
Surely, he ought to have wiped off his sword, before sheathing it! That is far too careless a mistake for someone as skilled as himself to make.

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Hehehe ^^

that was fun...
a few little fixies tho!
1. if you press the same button repeatedly, random stuff happens... rather than the same trick.
2. if you keep pressing 0 (I think?) he goes up a ramp and disappears and the flash is toast.
3. pushing a button mid-trick starts the new animation. it should wait for the last trick to finish maybe?

good job tho! very cute. 3/5 from me ^^

fix it

there are problems too numerous to list with this thing.
aside from that, it's another fking soundboard.
no skill involved.
and you still failed.

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Darwin7 responds:

You know, you're right... all the flash you've made is loads better... oh wait... you haven't made any. Bitch, shut the fuck up! You don't know how hard it it making flash, damn. When you make when then call me.

Almost there...

Love the game, and the noise they make when they die is terribly addicting.
However, the programming is awful. The motion, the event handling, all of it.
Please please fix it! ^^

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